Waiting On The Lord-Part 8

Posted By on Thursday, July 28, 2016

God waits for you and me to begin to wait. And I’m telling you the truth. I’m not just talking. I’ve experienced it; I’ve practiced it. I spend oodles and oodles of hours waiting. I’ve sat before the Lord a whole week in fasting and prayer, and got nothing, and saw nothing, and felt nothing, everything was nothing - dead, empty, dead, absolutely nothing.

Almost night and day, I lay on the church floor in the summer - it was cold weather we had - and was so cold, I went out to the ladies’ room and gathered napkins, paper towels and what have you, and came back and put them over my back, shoved them under my coat to try and keep warm; and gathered song books and put the song books on top of my back to make a little blanket out of them.

That’s how I spent the night waiting, for a whole week. I went over to the house for a few hours sleep, but most of the night I was on the floor - or walking to change my position. A whole week! I had no presence, nothing, dead, empty, dry, brutal. I wouldn’t give up. I’d stand there against the wall, changing positions, and eating nothing all week. OH, BUT I WANTED SOMETHING FROM GOD!

I sat near the front. It was Friday evening around 6:30. I just sat there still waiting for a week now. What would you do inside a week? And all of a sudden the Lord came. He came from the ceiling at an angle like this, about that speed, and stood behind the altar railing, full size, dressed in white. I jumped up from my seat, ran up like, hurried up, knelt down in front of Him. He was life size. I could tell you whether His eyes were blue or brown, but that’s my secret - I don’t tell everything. I merely say that to let you know how distinctive it was, not something fuzzy, but clear as clear could be - just like a person.

And I knelt down before Him, shut my eyes and put my hands over my face and that’s the way I was, right down on the carpet leaning forward. Even though my eyes were closed, my hands covered them up, smack down on the floor, I still saw Him stand there, full size.

He looked at me. He never said a word, but I knew what He said without saying a word. I could read it off His face - 5 words. I could tell you in five words exactly what He said, but that’s my secret. I’ve never told anyone.

“Who worketh for him that hath waiteth for him.” Isaiah 64:4 Hebrew