Waiting On The Lord-Part 6

Posted By on Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Now say God has birthed in your heart, even as a result of this week’s Bible study - it could well be, that the Lord has birthed or put into your heart a hunger, a thirst: “I want to enter the school of the Spirit. I am making myself available to God as a candidate. I want a new experience from God, a new thing.”

You may not know what it is. It’s better not that you find out. It’s not good to dictate to God, but you have a hunger, you want more of God.

Let’s say you get up in the middle of the night on your own, not awakened, but you just get up. You wake up, “Wow! 3 o’clock, boy, I can’t go back to sleep.” Okay, start waiting. You might as well put in time somewhere. “Father, I’m now waiting for You to do for me a new thing. I don’t know what it is, but something new. I want a new experience. Your book says, ‘What he has prepared for him who waiteth for him.’” Things are already prepared by God, but they are made available only to those that do the waiting.

All right, you spend a half an hour, “Father, a new thing.” And you say no more for half an hour or an hour, but just let your heart go up with that desire. Once in awhile, to refresh your own mind, “Father, I’m waiting for a new thing. I want a new experience. I want a deeper knowledge of Yourself (whatever it is). Father. Whew! It’s 4 o’clock. Boy am I getting sleepy. Lord, I’m going back to bed.”

And the next night, “Father, I’m still waiting for a new thing.” Or the next day, it doesn’t have to be the night, but often that’s the best time for us, depending upon our circumstances. You cannot do that indefinitely without something happening. You cannot carry on like that without something happening sooner or later.