Waiting On The Lord-Part 4

Posted By on Sunday, July 24, 2016

I attended a camp meeting in the States and they had an altar service. I went to the prayer room, and I had a wonderful presence. Oh, the Lord was so real. I was kneeling there, had my elbows on a railing like, and my hands under my chin, and my spirit was aglow with the presence of God. Oh what a presence!

The evangelist came along and said, “Brother, put your chin up, put your hands up.” And he took my hands and put them up saying, “You’ll never get anywhere looking down.” I packed up and went home. That man didn’t have the least idea of what I enjoy.

We don’t always have to turn summersaults, break the chairs, rock the boat and carry on. Oh people are noisy, especially in the States. Oh, how they carry on, “Come on, everybody.” Oh, brother! “Now turn around, now shake hands, now have a march, now go around the place, now shout.” You wonder what those fellows think a congregation is, a bunch of bellhops or what. I get so fed up with that.

I had a meeting and the people came to the altar. It’s not always necessary for people to come to the altar. In fact, the British say, “The altar service is an American invention,” and they have something. There’s a place for it, but they think, “Everybody comes to the altar or something’s wrong.” Well, it doesn’t mean that at all.

We had a wonderful meeting and people just came up by themselves. Anyone who would like to spend a little time with the Lord, you’re free to come. And a whole bunch came. We had a wonderful presence, believe you me. It was such a presence; it seemed vulgar to say, “Hallelujah.”

A young pianist fellow came along and tried to “rescue” the meeting, or rescue God. He got behind the piano and the first thing he did was “rrrrriiiiiippppp.” They were in the upper chamber - “rrrrriiiiippppp.” They were all of one accord - “rrrrriiiiippppp.” He killed the whole thing dead, and I asked the congregation to stand and be dismissed. He didn’t rescue God - he buried Him.