Waiting On The Lord-Part 14

Posted By on Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Time and again the Lord would give me minute details, even in the meetings where I was to stop and let Him take over the meeting completely. I’d sit down and He’d carry on the meeting on His own.

In one place I missed the signal. I knew where I was to stop doing anything on my own, and somehow where I was to stop, I messed up and kept talking explaining to the students what the Lord was doing. After awhile, our dean of women stood up and gave an utterance in prophecy, “O that thou would keep silent, then He would speak for this is His day.” She didn’t know whom it was meant for, but I knew.

And I sat down, humiliated. For two hours I didn’t say, “Boo.” I said, “Lord, You took the meeting out of my hands. I’ll not touch that meeting no matter what happens until You give it back again.” He gave me the meeting back after two hours. You see the meeting went all morning long, sometimes way into the afternoon. We start at 8:00, usually it went till dinnertime or later; that’s 4 hours or more. For two hours the Lord carried on in that meeting. It was marvelous. Then He gave me back the meeting and I could go on with it.

And the Lord would share those things during the night.

Honestly folks, I had a complete program (so to speak) of what He was going to do. I think I had what Jesus talked about, “The Father worketh, and I work hitherto.” The Father let me know what He was going to do in the meeting, and all I had to do was cooperate with Him to get His work done. All this during the night from 2:30 until about 7:00, just sitting, sitting, waiting, waiting, worshiping on the inside, a spirit going up in communion, in worship, in adoration, in admiration hour upon hour, night after night.

Now this is unusual, but I hope it inspires your heart. Remember what we read this morning?

He awakeneth morning by morning,” speaking of Jesus. “He awakeneth my ear to hear as the learned” - that’s what I had - “morning by morning, night by night to hear as the learned, to hear as those that are taught.

And David said, “Thou visitest me in the night season; therefore will the Lord wait, that he may be gracious unto you; blessed are all they that wait for Him.