Waiting On The Lord-Part 11

Posted By on Sunday, July 31, 2016

When you’re in a city like this with meetings, people find out where you’re staying, and before long, you have so many visitors you can’t keep up with them. I can’t engage in counseling. I just can’t do that along with the ministry. Then you get disturbed, “Oh Brother Beuttler, could I talk to you. It will only take a couple of minutes.” By the time you get done a couple of hours are gone. Those things don’t take a couple of minutes.

So in Sydney I knew I would be safe - from you. Ha, Ha. Anywhere I would do that. Do you see what I mean? I thrive on solitude. I need to spend time with God undisturbed, unseen. I knew in Sydney I’d be safe. Nobody would know I was there.

But the Lord dealt with me not to go, and I got almost rambunctious.

I said, “Lord, the flight’s arranged, the hotel is booked. I’m going to Sydney.” He dealt with me not to go. Ten minutes before I was to leave, I finally agreed that I would stay in Auckland, and called up the airline 10 minutes ahead of schedule to go to the airport (I took their bus) to let them know I wasn’t going. They thought it was a little late, and I agreed.

They said, “Will you take our next flight?

I said, “No, I’ll take your flight, but I don’t know when I’ll be going.” So they went without me. They got along all right.

It wasn’t very long before I got into real physical trouble - and I was in trouble!

What will I do down in the South Pacific? I called on this pastor of yours and said, “I’m in trouble.” I told him my trouble, but I won’t tell you.

He said, “I’ll be down this afternoon.” Well this afternoon was a long time, but I didn’t question it. I needed help. He came in the afternoon and sat on the bed.

He said to me, “Brother Beuttler, ever since you called, I’ve been looking to the Lord about you.” How he did it, I do not know. Evidently he held this thing before the Lord. Whether he shut himself up or went on with his other work, I don’t know, but he waited on the Lord on my behalf.

He said to me, “The Lord showed me what’s wrong with you, and we’re going to pray and by tomorrow morning you’ll be all right.” He said a very short prayer of deliverance and then he said, “Tomorrow you’ll be all right.” The next morning I was just fine.

“Blessed are all they that wait for Him.” Isaiah 30:18