Waiting On The Lord

Posted By on Thursday, July 21, 2016

“Waiting on the Lord”

Walter Beuttler

Now then this morning, I’ll chat with you about the price tag attached to entering the King’s College, the School of the Spirit.

The other evening, if you recall, most of you will I would assume, I also spoke on the School of the Spirit, and mentioned, as I had done on a number of occasions when coming to New Zealand, to Auckland, I had made reference to the need of learning to “wait in the presence of the Lord.”

Someone of you wrote me a letter and made reference to a personal experience of the Lord awakening him during the night, yet him not knowing what to do, what it was for, assuming it was for prayer. Well, very often, it is not for prayer at all.

I’m going to go into this a little bit.

Remember also what I said - you see I repeat things purposely - that’s how we learn. I try to speak, that’s my work, to give help to individuals, so that things that are said in the Lord will help some people, more or less, all of them, some in particular in the audience who have personal problems, situations, dealings of God they cannot understand. I like to give light in those areas. Of course, I do not know what bothers you, or what problems you have, but the Lord does.

Now with this waiting, say the Lord awakens you during the night. Now He might do this in a number of different ways. One of them might be a sense of His presence so strong within you, or about you, that it breaks your sleep, and you have an awareness of the presence of God. You might simply have, what I would call, an inner glow, a Spirit of worship, could be a Spirit of prayer, could be a combination.

Now when I was teaching in school yet, we had a president who really loved the Lord. He was all right, but was very legalistic. We had a pre-chapel prayer meeting, the faculty did.

One day he said, “I want every one of the teachers to pray audibly, first one, then the next, all around in

a circle.”

Well I didn’t and he wanted to know why. I said, “Brother, usually when I come over to school, I get a presence of inner worship and intercession, and when I get that, I must not pray audibly, for if I pray audibly, under that condition, I tear up the inner presence, I destroy the thing. I cannot tell you why. I can only tell you what’s happened.”

And he said to me, almost nasty, “Oh, I suppose.”