Transition-Part 6

Posted By on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

It is one thing to be called, but it is another to be sent.  The first time Moses tried to deliver his brethren, he knew that he was called, but utterly failed.  Now he was being sent.  Notice that the Lord said to him, “Come ‑ I will send you.”  Our personal relationship to the Lord, and the time that we spend in His presence, are of primary importance and foundational to all that we do.

As we turn aside to “wait” upon the Lord, seeking to better recognize His voice so we can respond to His presence and learn obedience, we will gain experience in following Him.  Only then will we receive the necessary divine enabling to fulfill the calling that we have received.

When the Lord told Moses to take off his shoes, He was saying, “You have gone as far as you can go in your own strength and ways.  Now you must walk in My shoes with My strength, and by My Word alone.”

Many today are feeling that they have gone as far as they can go, and are so worn out that they are considering giving up.  Little do they realize that only now are they ready to begin an effective ministry.  All they need do is to turn aside into His presence and wait before the Lord.  In Exodus 2:14‑15, Moses had trembled and fled from Pharaoh.  Now, something quite different is about to happen.  Pharaoh will tremble before Moses, and finally let the Lord’s people go (Exodus 12).  The power of God, manifesting through Moses, brought the world power of that day to its knees.

In the same way, there is now an urgent need for those who will again stand in the “presence” of the Lord, in order to receive a “burning present word” that will affect the Pharaohs of our day and time, and bring the deliverance that we desperately need.