The Voice of God-Part 7

Posted By on Thursday, March 10, 2016

Those of you that like to have a ministry, or those of you that say, “What good am I?  I’m no preacher.  I’m no prophet, I’m not this and I’m not that.”  For every one of us, there is room to get a word from the Lord for those that are weary.  What a ministry there is in that.  Before we left school, a former student, who is now a pastor, saw me on the campus.  He said, “Brother Beuttler, I would like to see your wife before you people leave,” because we resigned and left the school.  It was getting too heavy for me and I am not a youngster anymore.  Then he made this remark, “You know, one day I passed by and talked to your wife, and she just had the right word for me that has helped me to this day.”  There is a ministry for all of us.
Where did Jesus get the wonderful words and wisdom?  He Himself said, “The words I speak to you are not Mine, but the Father’s which sent Me.”  Jesus attributed all that He said, and all that He did, to the Father.  He should know.  In one place He said, “As the Father has taught Me, I speak these things.”  Jesus was taught by the Father, and now we will come back to Isaiah: how to speak, what to speak, when to speak, to whom to speak.  You get this in verse 4, that I should know how to “speak a word,” that is the substance, what to speak; “in season,” this is when to speak.  You know there is a lot to knowing, when to speak.
I had surgery for cancer some years ago and it was not going well.  The Doctor did not think I would pull through.  I was in very, very bad condition.  One day a student of ours, a graduate visited me.  He said, “Brother Beuttler, what kind of medicine are they giving you?”  And I told him.  He said, “Oh, is that it. I know somebody else that got operated on for the same thing.  They gave him the same medicine, and he died anyway.”
That was not a word in season.  Can you imagine?  What are we doing in Bible school with these fellows?  What are we teaching them?  Now having said that, I must tell you the rest.  I got home all right, but things were not well, and I was beginning to fail.  Things got so bad I could go no more.  I was in my office at the school.  Wife was working at the school in her office.  I said nothing to her.  I could not work anymore.  I knew I was finished.  I said, “God, this is the end.  I cannot go on.”  I was losing ground, operation or no operation, and I went home.
I lay on the living room floor, I think for about two hours, and I did some thinking.  I knew I was finished.  I could hardly go about, especially up the steps.  I lay there and thought of my age, which was not 70 yet.  I will be that next year.  I thought of the many, many opportunities for ministries all over the world.  Folks, the Lord has opened up the whole world for me and that’s no exaggeration.  I do not know where to go next. There is so much to do.  And I reviewed that.