The Voice of God-Part 5

Posted By on Tuesday, March 08, 2016

He had come to tell me that He was with me, and would protect me against my enemies.  With that, I heard Him turn back, turn around again facing the dinette and the door.  I heard Him walk through the dinette.  I heard Him take hold of the knob of the door on the inside.  It squeaked. He opened the door, the blinds rattled.  I heard Him step through and take hold of the knob on the outside and shut the door.  The blinds rattled and I heard Him go down the three steps and He was gone.
Here was a precise repetition of I Samuel 3:10 with a slight difference.  I will read it with that difference.  “And the Lord came, and stood, and spoke.”  That was just as real as you are sitting in this auditorium tonight.  You might say, “How did you know it was the Lord?”  “I knew.” “How did I know?”  “I just knew.”
God gives you things and you just know.  Remember what Jesus said, “My sheep know my voice.”  How do sheep know His voice?  In what school do they learn the recognition of His voice?  You have lots of sheep in New Zealand, and you have shepherds.  Who teaches the sheep? Does the shepherd send them to school?  We do in the States.  Does the shepherd sit down and say, “Little sheep, here is lesson No. 1, I will tell you how to recognize My voice.”  They do not go to school, they are not even taught, yet Jesus said, “My sheep know My voice.”  He refers to the sheep of the shepherd.  The sheep know the shepherd’s voice.  In what college did they learn it, in the sheep’s college?  No, they learn that through association.
That was the other word I gave you. They learn the shepherd’s voice through association.  No one taught the sheep.  They grow up with Him, they associate with Him, they stay with Him and gradually through that association, they get to know the recognition of His voice.  Here is a point for you.  If you are interested in developing the voice of the Spirit, there is nothing better that I know than to spend lots of time in the presence of the Lord.  Through that association, you simply get to know the voice of the Spirit of God.