The Voice of God-Part 4

Posted By on Monday, March 07, 2016

Those who were in the night school encouraged others to come, “If you want to see the move of God, come to the night school,” and the pastor did not like it.  So he complained to our officials, and they felt obligated to do something about it.  So they said, “We want you to tell your students that you believe the revival is finished.”  We had about 200 students at that time in the night school.
I said, “What if I do not believe it?”  Because I did not know.  They said, “Tell them anyhow.”  When I heard that, it shook me.  Here my own brethren who were supposedly over me in the Lord, told me to tell an outright lie to those students.  They said, “We believe God is finished working.”  I said, “How do you know?  you were not there.”  They wanted me to stop it, and I told them that I would not.
Well, the thing shook me.  There were other things in connection with it, and I was so discouraged.  In fact, I became despondent in my spirit to such an extent that I was at the point of overthrowing the whole thing and turning my back on everything.  That is how I felt.  I am not saying I would have done it, but I am saying that is how I felt.
The first night I could not sleep.  The next night, I fell asleep for sheer exhaustion.  Now were coming to verse 10.  Did you notice what it said, “And the Lord came, and stood, and called as at other times.”  What I am telling you here is the absolute truth.  This is not the first time I have told it on Queen Street, but many who are here, were not here before, and I feel that I ought to go over this again briefly.
I was awakened in the middle of the night by someone walking up the three steps of our cottage.  We had a cottage, then later, the school built us a nice house, but then we were living in a camp cottage.  I heard someone walk up the three steps of that cottage, and I knew immediately that it was the Lord’s steps.
I heard Him take hold of the doorknob on the outside and open the door, the venetian blinds rattled.  I heard Him take hold of the knob on the outside.  I heard it because the knob always rattled, and He opened the door.  As He did, the venetian blinds rattled, as they always did.  I heard Him step through the door, take hold of the knob on the inside.  It squeaked as it always did.  He pulled the door shut and I heard the blinds rattle again as they always do.
I heard Him walk through the dinette, step by step.  I heard Him turn around.  I could hear as He turned and He faced our bedroom.  As He turned to face our bedroom, He spoke in an audible voice.  I heard the Lord speak in a deep masculine voice, a rich masculine voice.  I heard Him speak in an audible voice, and I am not taking that back for anybody.