The Voice of God-Part 16

Posted By on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Then I stepped forward and asked for the empty open hand of the girl nearest, and of the fellow, so we all held hands.  I said, “Now while all our hands are held, keep them holding and raise them up toward heaven.”  400 hands holding each other were lifted up.  I said, “Now, we are to affirm the victory of Jesus over these spirits.”  These spirits were up at the ceiling watching.  Those students prayed like the thunder of Niagara Falls, if you’ve ever been there.  They let go a roar of the affirmation of Jesus Christ over these spirits, and these spirits went like this and were out of that chapel.
I looked over the chapel and saw (I saw - do you hear what I say, I saw) a thin, white cloud near the ceiling of the chapel in the rear.  The cloud rotated slowly and expanded and thickened.  Finally it covered the entire ceiling, a slowly revolving billowing cloud like.  Then the Lord gave me the freedom to talk to the students.
I said, “Students, now I can tell you what happened.”  I told them how the spirits fled, how they had gone far away; because the Lord let me look out into the spirit a vast distance to show me that there were no satanic spirits anywhere even near the chapel.  Then I said, “Now the chapel is filled with the glory of the Lord.”  When I said that, the power of God fell and God poured out His Spirit for several hours.