The Voice of God-Part 15

Posted By on Friday, March 18, 2016

These things are a matter of discernment.  You cannot go by the matter of sound.  The Spirit of God moved in a great way, and the Lord had given me such a sharp discernment to direct the meetings, that one time I felt the working of the Spirit was being held up.  I said in my heart, “Father, is something wrong in this chapel?”  At once I knew that one of the girls in the back about the second row from the last, in the middle was holding up the move of the Spirit.  I did not know exactly which one, but one of those girls was holding up the move, and I pointed my finger there and said, “You girls back there, one of you girls are holding up the move of the Spirit.”
When I said that, this girl shot up out of her seat with a scream and ran up to the altar and confessed sin, and got right with God, and went back to her seat, and the move of the Spirit went on.  It was remarkable, the finest discernment given by the Spirit of God.  The more it was used, the sharper it became.  We are here in a remarkable work of the Spirit’s discernment.
I will give you one more instance and we will close for tonight.  During this same revival, one morning there was a very heavy hindrance in the meeting from somewhere.  I said, “Students, I cannot speak anymore.  I have such opposition.  I do not know where it comes from.  Let’s look to the Lord and ask whether He will show us what is wrong.”
They prayed and, as they prayed, the Lord opened (it seemed) my eyes, and I saw a whole company of evil spirits at the ceiling arranged in the form of a U, halfway up the chapel.  That is what was wrong.  I told the students what was up, and I said; “Now let’s pray again and ask the Lord to show us what to do with these spirits.”  I did not know what to do with them.  They were up there gaping at us and they were the hindrance.
Let me say here, many a time in a service there is an unaccounted for hindrance in the work of the Lord.  We wonder what is wrong.  At times there is spirit interference even making an onslaught against the work of God.  This is what they did there.
And I said, “Students, let’s pray again.”  So they prayed, and the Lord gave me the answer at once what to do.  So I told the students, “I’ll ask for your cooperation.  We’re going to get rid of these spirits.  The Lord showed me what to do.”
So I said, “Let’s all stand.”  The girls were on this side, the fellows on the other.  I said, “Girls, will you please walk up and stand in front of the platform?”  They all came up.  “Fellows, will you please do the same?”  They came up.  “Girls, will you all hold hands with each other, and fellows, you do the same.”  This is what the Lord had revealed to me by His Spirit in a moment.  This came by revelation in a moment of time.