The Voice of God-Part 14

Posted By on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Many times over the years in school we had the Spirit of God settle down over the class.  I used to say: “Students, just hold steady.  If the Lord gives you an utterance, give it.  If He does not, do not try to make one up.  Let’s just sit in His presence.”
Some used to wonder, “What’s the use?  We are not doing anything but sitting in His presence.”  In the school, we have done that for hours at a time - sitting in the conscience presence of the Lord.  This hones your spiritual senses so fine that your discernment becomes sharper all the time.
We had a revival in school, and at the end, or what appeared to be the end of the service, I felt that someone in the audience among the students had an utterance in tongues.  I thought it was tongues.  It could have been prophecy, but I thought it was tongues.  I did not want to say anything, or call for it.  I do this sometimes, but I would rather not, because it has its risks.
I just stood there and waited.  A girl gave a beautiful utterance in tongues.  Another girl gave what was supposed to be an interpretation, but it was not.  She said, “Thus saith the Lord,” although that does not need to be said all the time.  I think a few times perhaps.  Anyhow, she gave what was purported to be an interpretation, and in my spirit, it just did not click.  Do you know what I mean?  It struck me as unnatural.  That is too strong a word.  It fell flat in my spirit; there was no response.  I knew that interpretation was no interpretation, so I waited hoping that whoever had the interpretation, the real one, would give it, but it did not come.
Finally, trying not to hurt the girl, I said, “I am still waiting for the interpretation.”  Then another girl gave the interpretation.  It was such an electrifying utterance that with it the Spirit of God fell on that chapel and we stayed in the chapel for three more hours.  We had dinner at 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon.
Now this girl told me later, “Brother Beuttler, I had the interpretation, but when that girl gave what was supposed to be the interpretation (I knew it wasn’t), I did not feel like I wanted to give it and embarrass the other girl.  So I said, ‘Lord, if you want me to give this interpretation, you make Brother Beuttler say something that will give me the freedom.’  Right away you said, ‘I’m still waiting for the interpretation.’”  That gave her the freedom.