The Voice of God-Part 12

Posted By on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

One day the Lord let me in on the secret.  This is what the Lord gave me.  Paul and Isaiah are saying the same thing.  Isaiah is speaking about the act of waiting, whereas Paul is speaking about the motivation behind the act.  In other words, this waiting is not the waiting of a selfish beggar looking for a handout, but the waiting of a yearning lover.  So God has some things beyond our imagination.  We would never think of it.  We would never believe it for those that will wait for Him in love for Him.
So I talked to the Lord about this hour of 2:30.  One day I got the answer.  It also took a long time, and I know why it takes a long time.  Some of these things take a long time for this reason, because some of these choice things, which belong to the area of the Spirit, are not for those who are half-hearted and indifferent, or casual.  These things do not lie on the surface to be scooped up.  They are treasures hidden in secret places.  They are things which have to be searched for with all diligence.  You have that in Proverbs 2:1-5, if ever you want to read that.
There are things that are only for those who have a high appreciation, set a high value on these things and search after them with all diligence. And God keeps us waiting sometimes a long time because it is only for those who are dead earnest, and will not take no for an answer.
One night, I got the answer to the question, “Lord, why 2:30?”  This is what He gave me, “I am awakening you at 2:30, because by 2:30 you have had enough rest, so you can stay up with Me for awhile, and yet there will be enough time left after I get done so you can go back to sleep and get some more rest, for the work of the day.”  I thought that was so considerate.  “By 2:30 you’ve had enough rest so you can stay awake with Me. When I get finished, there will be enough time left for you to get some more rest so you’ll be ready for your work.”  I think that is terrific!  I’ll tell you something.  This thing involves tremendous self-discipline.  With this, you cannot go to bed at all hours of the night.  I try to be very careful with that now.  Oh, this takes much self-discipline.