The Voice of God-Part 11

Posted By on Monday, March 14, 2016

You ask, “Why not right away?”  This is a very delicate thing.  It is, as I would call it, the King’s College, the school of the Spirit - and tuition is very high, not in terms of dollars, but in terms of obedience, sincerity and persistence.  The chances are that the Lord seemingly will pay no attention for days or weeks - seemingly.  He pays attention all right, but does nothing.
Finally, the Lord may be convinced, “This has been going on now for some time, and I think he means it.”  One night you go to bed and this could happen.  You say, “Oh, what’s the use?  I’ve done it for so often now.  I’m just discouraged.”  You give up, and lo and behold, He comes. You cannot put the Lord in a straight jacket, or fix a schedule for Him.  But if you will make yourself available for the school of the Spirit, and class is usually during the night, if you will respond, you are on the way far beyond what you would imagine.  I will give you Scripture for that.
Now I do not expect that all of you are able to follow me.  But then, remember what Jesus said, “All of you cannot receive these sayings save (or except) to whom it is given.”  I dare say there are numbers of people here tonight to whom these things are given because God wants you to enter His school of the Spirit.
“For since the beginning of the world men have not heard, nor perceived by the ear, neither has the eye seen, Oh God, beside You, what He has prepared for him that waits for Him.”  Isaiah 64:4
We read from this same scripture in Corinthians the other day if you remember.  I do not know whether you notice a difference.  We read, “God has prepared for them that love Him.”  Isaiah has a different rendering.  Isaiah said, “For him that waits for Him.”  In case you do not realize it, I am taking you here into one of the greatest secrets of access into the light and the knowledge of the Spirit of God, believe you me.
As I told you the other day, “Eye has not seen” for those that comply with this provision, God has things in store, which we neither read anyplace, nor hear anyplace, nor can even conceive in the heart.  We would never, never think of it.  Paul said, “For them that love Him,” Isaiah said, “For him that wait for Him.”  Now in Corinthians it says, “As it is written.”  Paul was quoting Isaiah, yet in quoting Isaiah, Paul made a change.  Oh, that puzzled me.  Isaiah said, “For him that waits for Him.”  Paul said, “For them that love Him.”
When I first noticed the difference, I was puzzled because Paul spoke by the Spirit, Isaiah spoke by the Spirit.  Now if the Spirit quotes Isaiah, why does the Spirit change it?  Cannot He quote Isaiah correctly?  That was my question.  And yet that cannot be, so why the change?  Here again, I was a pest.  I pestered God for months about this difference.  Time and again I would say, “Father, I still want to know why did Paul not quote Isaiah correctly?”