The Voice of God-Part 10

Posted By on Sunday, March 13, 2016

I said, “Lord, what kind of a Spirit is this?”  Now I knew it was the Holy Spirit, but you know there are different kinds.  Isaiah speaks of the Spirit of burning, the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of the fear of the Lord.  Now it is all one Spirit, but different aspects of the same Spirit.  I hope I am not losing you now.  So there are different feels to this thing.  And I said, “Lord, what Spirit is this?”  And I got an answer.  And the Lord said to me, right on the inside, not in an audible voice, and yet He said it, “It is the teaching Spirit.”
I said, “Oh, so that is it.”  It is the teaching Spirit, that is to say, the Spirit of God now present in His capacity as a teacher.  With that He gave me, brought to mind a certain portion of Scripture, particularly I Corinthians 14.  He opened up that chapter for me night after night.  I saw things in there I had never seen before - the teaching Spirit.
I will tell you a little something in connection with this.  Many, many times the Lord has awakened me at 2:30.  One day I said to the Lord, “Lord, why at 2:30?  Why not 2:45 or 3:00?”  Although that time happened, it was mostly 2:30.  I got no answer, but you know, I can be a pest. (Laughter)
I am right now dealing with Pan American on a change of my ticket, and I am a real pest.  I know the business, as I sure gave that girl work. Well, you know what a pest is - persistent.  I told the Lord time and again as the weeks went by, “Lord, why 2:30?  Surely there is no hour which is the magical hour.”  Do not fall into a snare here and say, “Lord, I want you to wake me up at 2:30 like Brother Beuttler.”  Do not do that, do not give Him orders.  If you want to move into this, you can say before you go to sleep, “Lord, I make myself available to you anytime during the night, if and when it pleases You, to call me.”  Do not go beyond that.  Do not say, “Lord, I want You to wake me up tonight at 2:30 on the dot.”  He will not.  I can promise you that right now.  That will not work.  Make yourself available.  That is all that you need to do.
What will happen then?  “Nothing!” you say.  “I would be surprised if it did.”  “Then what is the use of saying it?”  And the next night you say, “Father, I want You to know that I’m making myself available to You for Your visits, for the presence of Your Spirit, anytime during the night.” And the chances are, nothing happens.  And the third night, nothing might happen.  Nothing might happen for a week, for two weeks, for a month, but I am convinced that if you mean it in your heart, sooner or later, something will happen.