The School Of Preparation

Posted By on Thursday, July 07, 2016

Those who aspire to be a partaker with the Lord in His end-time purposes must enter the School of Christ and be recreated, developed, and trained. These must pass through a process of crucifixion, testing, chastening, and correction.

The first thing necessary is to discover this School of Preparation, then seek to gain entrance. One must know that this course of training is available before he can enter its classes. A knowledge of its requirements is helpful; accepting them is essential. Unless we submit to this time of processing, our participation in His end-time purposes cannot be obtained.

Except we, in some measure, come to understand God’s ways of working, we may find ourselves involved in that which is at cross-purposes with Him. He may be trying to crucify us through a certain individual, but all we see is someone trying to do us wrong. God may be applying the chastening rod, but we interpret it as someone wrongly abusing us.

If we can recognize God at work refining us, we will find ourselves in His School of Preparation, without our being aware that we have entered the process of our preparation.

Before we will be able to rightly relate to the classroom lessons of this school, we must come into a practical relationship with the Holy Spirit as our director and teacher. Each individual will be in a class by himself, and receive the lessons specifically fitted to the crucifixion of his will, heart, and carnal nature. These deal inwardly, backward in correction concerning incidents of the past, and forward in preparation toward the intended position and work to occupy us in “that day.”