The Lord's Prayer

Posted By on Sunday, April 01, 2018

A study in prayer for the month of April - this would make a great devotional.

1. What is evident from Luke 11:1?
(1) That there is a need for selecting a certain locality to pray, such as the seclusion of the solitary place (Mark 1:35)
(2) That one of the Lord’s disciples (not necessarily one of the twelve) was impressed by his manner of praying, whether audible or silent
(3) That man is by nature in a state of ignorance concerning the nature of true prayer
(4) That men need a sense of need in this respect and pray, “Lord, teach us to pray”

2. What does Jesus do in Matt. 6:5-8? He differentiates between three kinds of prayer; namely:
(1) The hypocrite’s prayer, v. 5
(2) The son’s prayer, v. 6
(3) The heathen’s prayer, vv. 7-8

3. Why does Jesus place the son’s prayer between that of the hypocrite and the heathen, 6:5-8? To teach his disciples the right way to pray in contrast to the wrong way of the others