The Forever Change

Posted By on Tuesday, December 08, 2015

When I first heard Bob Mumford speak many years ago on THE FOREVER CHANGE - I was shaken. I was looking for stability and didn't want change - of course I didn't understand fully what he was talking about. Also there was a part of me that felt "THIS IS WHO I AM, ACCEPT ME LORD". I wondered why if God loved me and accepted me so much, then why does he want to "change" me. I was not thinking clear at all.

Romans 12:1-3 gives us the picture of be being TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING OF OUR MIND - transformed, meaning go from one state to another, a process of change. Since life is the forever change - and things are going to change all around me - then I need to be a person who is changing - into a new image - the image of Jesus Christ.

Change is going to have in a temporal world - that is a given. I am changing because I am coming into the image of the Son of God - that is the Father's design for me.