Team Ministry

Posted By on Friday, January 01, 2016

Team ministry helps us to become stronger in reaching those who need Jesus and the strengthens the family aspect of our church.  Team ministry is so important because it strategically eliminates:

1. Territorial thinking - this is my ministry and only I do it, I know where the keys are, I know where the supplies are etc... Which cuts out others from participating.

2. Burn out - getting weary from being the only one in the nursery or working at the food pantry. Inviting others into the ministry on rotation allows team members a break to participate in other ministries or just have a time off.

Not everyone is wired to be on a team - this takes renewed thinking and new conditioning in order to participate on the team.  Lone Ranger type ministries are not effective because they do not incorporate others and their GIFTS, SKILLS and TALENTS!

The Lord is building team ministry at Dover Foursquare in order to effectively reach the harvest and see people come to faith in Jesus Christ!