Seeking God-2

Posted By on Saturday, April 14, 2018

Note God's complaints in:

(1) Amos 5:5-6 – Failure to seek the God of the house instead of the house of God
(2) Isa. 31:1 – Failure to put confidence in God and seeking him instead of turning to the resources and methods of the world
(3) Isa. 9:13
– Failure to respond to discipline by turning and seeking God
(4) Hosea 7:10 – Failure to return and seek God notwithstanding the consequences of forsaking God
(5) Psa. 10:4 – Failure of man to seek God through wilful refusal of the “pride of his countenance,” i.e., a snobbish attitude
(6) II Chron. 32:25 – Failure to render unto God according to the benefits bestowed by God
(7) Isa. 30:15 – Failure to return to God notwithstanding the assurance of his promises
(8) Isa. 64:7 – Failure of men to stir themselves to seek the Lord instead of remaining in a state of indifference and lethargy