Seeking God

Posted By on Friday, April 13, 2018

SEEKING GOD - I want to share this study outline for the next several days - may it be a blessing to you!

1. In Zeph. 1:4-6 God complains about three classes of people. Point out these classes and suggest an illustrative example for each:
(1) “Them that are turned back from the Lord,” e. g., such as those who:
a. Draw back from God, Heb. 10:38
b. Turn away from God, Heb. 12:25
c. Fall away from God, Heb. 6:6
(2) “Those that have not sought the Lord, e.g., such as those who:
a. Do not even miss him, Jer. 2:1-8
b. Have forgotten him, Jer. 2:32
c. Have other interests, Jer. 2:13
(3) “Those who have not enquired for him, e.g., such as those who:
a. Became weary of God, Isa. 43:22, 24a
b. Are glad to be away from God, Jer. 2:31
c. Do not say “where is the Lord,” Jer. 2:6