Religious Activity

Posted By on Saturday, August 06, 2016

Religious activity will destroy a church. Religious activity is self centered and self serving. Jesus took note in Matthew 25 about the Pharisees and their religious activity, and was very strong in his judgment of such activity. In my years of ministry I have seen many hurt by religious activity and some even driven away from the community of believers (the church) because of it.

I heard religious activity defined once as "works of the flesh garbed in spiritual hypocrisy" and I think I agree with that definition. Not just trying to be righteous through human works, but playing carnal games with a spiritual front! The Sunday School teacher who only comes to class when they teach, the church gossip standing in the lobby critical to any one who will listen to them, the sower of seeds of discord and the list could go on and on - all connected to that which is carnal and earthly. The critical one over a person getting a divorce or having a baby out of wedlock can destroy a person emotionally and cause great hindrance in spiritual growth for the ones they are attacking. Wow! No wonder people (especially young people) don't want much to do with Jesus if that's the way his "witnesses" act.

Let's love Jesus more!