Principles of Prayer

Posted By on Tuesday, April 10, 2018

6. Point out the essential principles of prayer as seen in the following statements:
(1) “Thy kingdom come” – Promotion of the kingdom of God. This prayer passes from the revelation of God as Father to the revelation of God as Sovereign with a petition for the establishment of God’s undisputed and absolute universal reign, a petition which takes priority over all merely personal interests in which our material needs usually, but unfortunately, predominate
(2) “THY WILL be done” – Recognition of the sovereignty of God. The burden of this prayer is that the disclosure of God through the revelation of his name might bring about a universal recognition of the sovereignty of God among men as a necessary requisite for the establishment of his kingdom in their hearts
(3) “Thy will BE DONE IN EARTH, as it is in heaven” – Submission to the sovereignty of God. True recognition of the sovereignty of God must inevitably involve submission of the human will to the rule of God and be demonstrated by actual obedience to the laws of his kingdom.

7. Explain Matt. 6:33a: “Seek ye first the kingdom of God” refers to compliance with the laws of his kingdom in the sphere of our hearts, Luke 17:21. This kingdom within us is a kingdom based on principles which are expressed in laws. Some of these laws relate to matters which take precedence over secondary things, so that compliance with the priorities of the kingdom of God is a requisite for the abundant supply of our material needs; e.g.,
(1) Sowing precedes reaping, II Cor. 9:6
(2) Giving precedes receiving, Luke 6:38

8. Comment on 6:11-13 in the light of 6:10: Before we present our petitions for whatever purpose, we should make sure that they are in the interest of the kingdom of God in one way or another and in harmony with his will