New Believers

Posted By on Thursday, December 03, 2015

In order to accomplish seeing 100 people come to faith in Jesus Christ and become disciples - we will need 25-30 new "ministers" in our church who will be able to disicple, mentor and coach the new babes in Christ toward eternal perspective and a meaningful life.

100 new people will mean the need for 8 small groups of 12 that can become extended family for these new believers in Jesus. This means we will need new small group leaders raised up in 2016.

Firm Foundations is in place - for new believers!

First Principles is in place - for people to become actively engaged in the life of church by understanding our mission and values.

DFKIDZ is becoming stronger (Dover Foursquare Kidz) each month - we are making sure that we are strong in:

Lambs Club
Kings Kids Sunday School
Good News Bears
Kidz Zone - Ages 3-12

Families will be coming with children!!!

Pretty exciting time to be a part of Dover Foursquare!