Leading of The Spirit-Part 7

Posted By on Saturday, February 20, 2016

Well that is the Spirit.  The Spirit of God knows.  There are times when He comes along with tongues, interpretation or prophecy to verify the word because there are some in any congregation who will not believe.
I was in a meeting and a lady stood up in front of me.  I had just related a marvelous experience in relation to the presence of God, and she stood up and said out loud so everybody heard it, “That is a lot of bologna.”  That night I said, “Sister, did you come for more bologna?”  She said, “Yep.”  She was an old, old lady.  I think in her 80’s.  She thought it was all bologna.
The Spirit of God comes along and bears witness to the truth - He witnesses.  Before I get finished this week, I just might perchance tell you some unusual things.  I have them.  Some of you may have difficulty believing it even though it is true, where the Spirit of God bears witness to your heart that this is indeed the word of the Lord.
I was a lay teacher in Bible School.  It was my first or second year, and I was teaching what is known in theology as the “kenosis” - That is to say, the ministry of Jesus.  His miraculous ministry, the work He did, the people He healed, the word He spoke: the secret for all that, did not lie in His deity.  In fact, His deity had nothing to do with it.  He did not raise the dead because He was the Son of God.  He did not heal the sick because He was the Son of God.  Paul healed them, and he was not the Son of God.  Elijah raised the dead and was not the Son of God.
Anyhow, that is the doctrine, and I was teaching it.  I knew there was a fellow there who was going to make trouble.  I was the Dean of Men.  I had to keep those fellows in line, and that’s a job for anybody.  This fellow just did not like Beuttler.  He was a rascal, and it was my job to un-rascal him.

To un-rascal a rascal is quite a rascal job.  I knew he would make trouble.  He loved to put me on the spot in class.  He would put his hand up to raise an argument, and if I did not recognize it, he would keep it up.  A teacher is not obligated to recognize every hand.  The Lord did not, but I usually did.  This time I was afraid.  He had studied to be a lawyer, and he was good with his tongue.  That fellow could prove me wrong, even though I was right.  He was so cleaver.  I was afraid of him.

Before I went to class, I stuck my head in the corner of my office in the school.  I had my books under my arm.  I said, “Father, you know how this boy loves me. (He knew what I meant) Now Father, you also know that this kenosis is correct doctrine, but I know, and You know, he is very likely to make trouble for me with it, put up his hand and start an argument.  Father, You know that it is the truth. Will you please defend me when I go to class.”