Leading of The Spirit-Part 5

Posted By on Thursday, February 18, 2016

Here is something that is difficult to explain.  You have to know some of these things before you can understand them.  I know that I am saved. How do I know that I am saved?  How do you know that you are saved?  You say, “I believe in Jesus Christ, therefore I know that I am saved.” But how do you know it works?
In the final analysis, I think you would say, “I don’t know how I know, I just know that I know.”  Well, that assurance is the witness of the Spirit. The Lord had called me to the ministry, and the day came when I applied for credentials with the US Assemblies of God.  They had a board of ministers on the credentials committee.  There was one fellow on it that was real rough.  He liked to rough up the candidates, and every candidate was afraid of him with his questions and his seeming cynicism.  He was all right, but he had a rough way.
I said, “Lord, when I get in there, do not let him ask me any questions.”  Would you believe it, he was the first man who asked me the first question.  He said, “I see here on your application that you claim to be called of God.  How do you know?”  Why, that was enough to scare the daylights out of a young fellow.  I did not know what to answer so I said, “Brother, I don’t know how I know.  All I know is that I know.”  I thought with that, I will never get my papers.
But one of the other men spoke up and said, “Brother Beuttler, that is what we like to hear.”  He continued to say, “We get fellows in here who come with ambitions.  ‘I will tell you brethren, behold I saw a sign in the sky.  There were two letters that said GP, and that means, Go Preach.’”

One brother said, “How do you know it does not mean, Go Plow?”  Well, I got my papers with no problem whatsoever.  “All I know is that I know.”  That is the witness of the Spirit.  The Lord has called me to go into all the world to teach.  You know I have been doing that.  That is what brings me to New Zealand.