Leading of The Spirit-Part 4

Posted By on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

He was speaking. The church had long pews that had room for at least a dozen people, I would say.  She and I were sitting on one side, in a corner of the bench.  That man stopped in the middle of his preaching and gave a message in tongues.  When he gave that message in tongues, I knew instinctively (I just knew), the Spirit of God had something to say to me.  I just knew.  I also knew it had to do with her.  You see, the Spirit knew.
I was so scared that I slipped down the bench to the other side, and let the poor thing sit in the corner by herself.  I was so scared at what was coming.  He finished the utterance in tongues, then he interpreted it.  That man told exactly what was going on in my heart.  You would think he could look in and read every thought.  He came out with it.  And then he just let me know where I was.  In the utterance, the Spirit of God called on me, not by name but I knew it was me, to discontinue this relationship, and follow the Lord with a single heart.
Then he said, “This message is for a young man in this audience tonight whom God has called.”  When I heard that, that did it.  That finished the whole thing.  The Spirit of God is a person, and He knows who is in the audience, so you better look out.
I have seen people jump up right from their seats and run out when the Spirit of God does that.  I saw a man jump up and make a confession for having stolen the church’s missionary money.  He was a deacon.  He came up and repented and asked the whole church to forgive him for his thievery.  The man just got touched of God through the Word and gave himself up.  The Spirit of God knows.  Being a person, there are times when the Spirit of God witnesses.
“The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit, that we are the children of God.”  Romans 8:16