Leading of The Spirit-Part 2

Posted By on Monday, February 15, 2016

We do not offer that as proof, because things like that cannot be offered as proof, but they do add a certain element of truth and light on a subject otherwise freely proven from the Word of God.  As a person, the Holy Spirit not only knows as being a person, He is omniscient.  In fact, He knows more than a person does.
There was a girl in our school who was in very, very serious trouble.  I do not want to mention what the problem was.  Few people knew it.  In fact, wife, myself and another party were the only ones that knew.  That girl was in despair.  In doctrine class, she sat there with her head down. She was in the depths of despondency.  And she had reason to be despondent.  You would agree if you knew what was wrong.
I knew that she did not listen, and I did not blame her.  In her condition, I would not be interested in doctrine either.  Yet, as I was teaching, all of a sudden there came an utterance in tongues and interpretation.  Now I knew what was wrong with the girl, and the interpretation was so clearly directed to that girl, without disclosing who was involved, because you could only know if you knew.
The girl’s face changed.  She looked up and listened for the rest of the class.  After the class, she was among the last to leave the room and I sided up to her.  As we walked up the hill, I sort of caught up with her and said, “Did the Lord ever help you.”  She said, “Brother Beuttler, you will never know what that utterance meant to me.”  The Spirit of God knew that this poor thing was sitting there in despair, and He sent a special word to her to lift up the head of her countenance, and she smiled again.
The boy who interpreted the utterance said, “Brother Beuttler, it sounded like this was for somebody specific in class.  Do you know anything?” I said, “I do, but that is all that I can tell you.  Surely that was for someone in the class.”  And that girl perked up.  The Spirit came and under girded her so she could carry on and go through in spite of the very serious problem that she had on her hands.  The Spirit of God knows, as He is a person.