Leading of The Spirit-Part 18

Posted By on Wednesday, March 02, 2016

I said, “All right, I will take Singapore out.”  I could not understand what was wrong, but this is God’s business.  So I said, “Father, now I have two weeks that I have to rearrange the itinerary.  Where am I to go in place of Rangoon and Singapore?”  The Lord bore me witness that I should go to Australia to Perth, to Melbourne, Sydney, and up to Manila.  Now that was a huge detour, and it was expensive, but then, that is His business.  So I did that.
I wrote and got some letters back, “Very sorry you are not coming, we are very disappointed.”
Finally I got a letter from Burma, “Dear Brother Beuttler, it is a very good thing that you canceled out Rangoon because the government has made a law that no foreigner is allowed to come into Burma, except for a period of 24 hours, and that all foreigners resident in Burma must leave the country.  So we would have had to cancel the meetings with you anyhow.”  The Spirit of God foresaw that.
I got a letter from Singapore, “Brother Beuttler, it is a good thing we did not plan the seminar for Singapore.  The US Assemblies of God had scheduled a conference in Manila for missionaries of the Pacific Area.  They changed the conference to Singapore and put the conference into the very week in which we had you scheduled.  We would have had to cancel you, if you had not done it on your own.”
The Spirit of God knows.  The Spirit of God restrains.  The Spirit of God witnesses.  The Spirit of God is a real person, and being a real person, He acts like a real person in many ways.
Tomorrow night, we are going to consider some more of these ways including the leading of the Spirit of God, and the voice of the Spirit.