Leading of The Spirit-Part 16

Posted By on Monday, February 29, 2016

So I knew what the Lord meant, “You go westward, I will meet you at the Pyramids.”  So I arranged my itinerary to take me westward.  Just to tell you what happened.  I took an Air India flight from Singapore to Cairo, and we were letting down over the desert.  The airport is out in the desert.  Early in the morning, around 3:30, I saw the lights of Cairo come up in the distance.  I could sense the plane was slowly letting down for the landing.  I thought, “I wonder where He is going to meet me?”
Opposite the Sphinx, there is a rest house, just about within a stone’s throw.  You get coffee; you get the omnipresent Coke Cola.  I think Coke Cola may be more omnipresent than the gospel.  A thousand miles up the Amazon, you can get Coke Cola.  In the remotest desert oasis, you get Coke Cola.  I wish the Gospel would spread like that.  I figured, “By  5:00 I will be in the hotel, take a stroll out, and go down to the rest house for a cup of coffee or something, and while I sit there looking over the Sphinx and the Pyramids, the Lord will draw near.”
But that was not the way it worked.  We were still letting down over the desert, when all of a sudden, there was a strong presence.  He had come out to meet me.  He could have waited until we landed.  He had to come up in the air to meet me there.  Shall I put it this way, “He and I rode in together.”  What a lovely present, for the Spirit had said, “I will meet you at the Pyramids.”  This is how the Spirit of God works and leads in our lives.
I will give you an example of one more method.  I went to France one year, and I have always said, “Lord, do not let me go, unless you go with me.”  And the Lord spoke to me by His Spirit in the inner depths of my being.  You may say, “He never talks to me.”  If you will take time to be with Him, obey and the like, you would be surprised what there is, that we have never received.
Well, this is what He said, “When you arrive, I will be waiting for you.”  We got there the next morning and it rained, as we say in the States, cats and dogs.  Everything came down from the sky.  It just poured down.  I got off the plane, stepped on the concrete (it looked like a lake full of water), and the presence was there, a strong enveloping presence of the Spirit.  “When you arrive, I will be waiting for you.”