Leading of The Spirit-Part 15

Posted By on Sunday, February 28, 2016

Finally, I said again, “Father, I just do not know which way to go.”  Suddenly, the Spirit of God spoke deep within me.  There were words, not a thought or witness, but words.  The words were, “I will meet you at the Pyramids.”  I knew what He meant.
Why would He say, “I will meet you at the Pyramids?”  Well, for this reason.  Before we had this disturbance in the Middle East, it was reasonably safe to go there.  When I went on my way through, I like to stop in Cairo for a rest stop.  You know, in this type of work, you need rest too.  You need to be away from people.  People will kill you if you let them.  That is right, I will only die once, but I would like to do a little more work.
So, I like to get off there.  There is a hotel there by the Pyramids, a five minute walk or so to the Meina House.  Nothing fancy, not luxurious, but satisfactory, $2-3 a night, air-conditioned.  You do not get that anywhere, at least at that time.  So my habit was to make a stop there, get some rest, walk out in the desert, and be all alone.  Nobody coming after you with, “Brother, I have a problem.”  There nobody comes to the hotel wanting a conference.  There, you were safe.  Nobody asks, “Where did Cain get his wife?” or “Who is the antichrist?” or what have you.