Leading of The Spirit-Part 14

Posted By on Saturday, February 27, 2016

I also wanted to see the Tower of Babel, and the ruins of Babylon.  I was so anxious to see those places and now I had my chance.  I was going right in that direction and thought, “Here is a good opportunity to stop in Baghdad and visit Babylon, the Tower of Babel, (It is just a mound now), and also, the ruins of the city of Ur.”  I had everything planned.
Early one morning the Lord awakened me by His presence.  But in that presence, there seemed to be a great disturbance, something wrong.  I was frightened by it.  I knew it was the Lord’s presence, but there was an element in it that alarmed me.  I sat upright in bed and said, “Father, is anything wrong?”  In letters this high, in front of me stood the word, Baghdad.  Oh, so that’s what’s wrong?  So, I eliminated Baghdad from my itinerary.  I never got there.
I cannot tell you why the Lord forbade me to stop in Baghdad because I do not know.  It could very easily be that He knew that I would suffer harm; I could be hurt or killed.  Whatever His reason, He forbade me to go to Baghdad.  I did not ask Him why.  God is under no obligation to give an explanation for His actions, and we better learn that.
(Ironically) “Lord, why not?”  That is an insult.  I kind of squirmed a bit because I did not want to, but I eliminated Baghdad.  I could say, “The Lord forbade me to go to Baghdad.”  It is surprising how the Spirit works these things.  I will give you another example.
One year I was in the process of making up an itinerary.  I was sure in my heart of my general route as far as Singapore: New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Hong Kong, over to Manila, down to Singapore.  I had a map of the world before me, and I knew in my heart.  In Singapore, I did not know where to go next.  I knew I could cut down to Perth.  Australia is always open.  All I need to do is tell them I am coming and that is it.  It is an open invitation all the time.  I could go to Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and work up maybe through New Zealand, South Pacific.  I could do that perhaps.  Brisbane is always open, Brother Short is in Tauranga.  I could also go straight ahead through Europe, on the way home.
I was sitting there with this map in the presence of the Lord. I said, “Father, I just do not know which way to go after Singapore?  Should I go south to Perth, work my way back through the South Pacific or go on?”  There was no answer.  So I just sat there.  Do you know what it is to sit in His presence and wait?  It is one of the great secrets.  I would like to speak to you on that sometime.  I sat there.