Leading of The Spirit-Part 13

Posted By on Friday, February 26, 2016

I said, “It sure sounds like it.”  That is how we get help.  We get to understand some of the experiences we have had and could not understand or know what to do with them.  Now we are returning for an example to Acts.
“Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia.”  Acts 16:6
There was a great need in Asia.  Incidentally, the need is not the call.  They figured, well there are so many people that need the gospel, why not go and preach the gospel, but the Spirit forbade them to preach the Gospel there.  You might wonder why.  I do not know, but I think that one reason was that the people in Asia, at that time, were not ready for the Gospel, though they were ready some years later.  You remember they had strong Churches there.  I don’t think the people were ready for the Gospel, and the apostles’ ministry probably would have had very little results.
Secondly there was a ripe field in Macedonia, grain so to speak, that needed to be reaped.  The Lord had another type, another place of work for them at that time.  But what we are interested in now is the forbidding.  I do not know how the Spirit forbid them.  We can conjecture.  It could be that one of the group gave an utterance in the Spirit such as a prophetic utterance.  That would be possible.  The Spirit could also have spoken to them in a voice.  I have had that.  But the principle we are interested in is that in some way the Spirit of God negated their intended course of action.  There are times when the Spirit of God stops us from doing a certain thing.
Some years ago, I had scheduled a trip to the Far East that was taking me through the Middle East.  For many years, I had wanted to stop in the city of Baghdad.  I had never been there.  I wanted to stop in the city of Baghdad to take a train down to Ur, the city of Abraham.  This city is in ruins, but the ruins are still there.  There is a train junction near the city of Ur where travelers can get off the train and take a side trip to visit the city of Ur, from which Abraham came.