Leading of The Spirit-Part 11

Posted By on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I was teaching in a camp meeting in the States.  I was eating breakfast and the Lord, the Spirit, checked me.  I was not to eat breakfast.  In fact, I had some nice pancakes ordered.  I had not seen them, but the waitress had fixed them just the way I wanted, extra butter, extra syrup, you know, what have you.  Just as I was ready to start, the Spirit gave me a check.  I knew what it meant.  No.  I said, “Lord, you are too late.  The pancakes are already here.  What will the waitress think if I do not eat them?”  And I looked at them, and my wife said to me, “you are not supposed to eat this morning.”  I said, “No, I’m not.”  She said, “Then why do you look at these pancakes like that?”  “Because I would like to eat them.”  She encouraged me that I better go home and pray, and I spent time waiting on the Lord.
In the meeting, there came a crisis while I was speaking, and I had to have an extra anointing from the Spirit to handle the crisis, without ruining the meeting in the process.  I have noticed that often the strength of His presence, for which we cannot account, has some relationship to things yet to come.  I would not want to say that it is always so, but it is so many times.  The Spirit of God gives us, when necessary, a deep assurance.
When I came home from overseas one year, a lady said to me, “Brother Beuttler, where were you on a certain day?”  Well, I did not know, so I talked with wife, and we then remembered that was the time I was very sick overseas.  I did not expect to see daybreak alive.  Now I am not saying I was that bad, but I felt that bad.  I said to this lady, “Why?”  She said, “Brother Beuttler, at that time, the Lord awakened me by night and said to me, ‘Pray for Brother Beuttler.’  I thought he was in the Bible school somewhere, so I went back to sleep.