Leading of The Spirit-Part 10

Posted By on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We were told one by one to walk down between these lines of soldiers.  At the end was an officer examining each person.  It did not look good. When my turn came, I was scared.  My turn came and I walked down.  These fellows looked me over and I came to this officer.  He put up his hand to stop, and I stopped there.  He had a submachine gun under his arm. I noticed his finger was on the trigger and when he pointed it, I could look right down that little black hole.  Then I remembered the airport in New York where I said, “If ever I traveled in the will of God, this is the time.”
I said to myself, “Beuttler, if he slaps you into jail, you are still in the will of God.”  One thing I know, “I am in the will of God.”  What a help that was!  That was the purpose of the strong presence.  It was so exceedingly strong because the Lord foresaw that a critical situation would arise and He wanted me to remember in Havana that I had a presence in New York, and was in the center of the will of God.  This helped greatly.
I am not saying that I was not scared, because I was, but I was confident that come what may, I was in the will of God.  Well, he (the officer) waved me on.  We got on our plane.  After awhile, they gave us the plane back.  There was quite a commotion over it.
I sat by the window over the wing.  While the plane was being loaded, these Cuban soldiers came climbing up on the wing, all over the plane. You know, you are not supposed to be up there.  They had their rifles with them.  One came right by the window next to me and looked in.  I did not know whether I should smile.  I was afraid to smile for fear he would think I was laughing at him, and he would shoot.  They could have done it.  They were a bunch of hoodlums.
I was afraid to look scared for fear that would get him going, so I decided to give an intermediate expression, whatever that is.  He looked at me, and I tried to look sort of nonchalant, but I was not.  This is what he did, it seemed to be a cut across the throat.  I got the signal.  I did not want to smile, or look scared.  I hardly knew how to look for fear that he would carry it out.  Well, we finally got off, but believe you me, did I appreciate that presence of the Lord.  I will never forget this experience.  I have noticed that very often, when there is a strong presence, there is a reason for it, in what still lies ahead.  The Lord works this in so many different ways.