Hallowed Be Thy Name

Posted By on Monday, April 09, 2018

3. Comment on the “name” of God, 6:9:
(1) The name of God is that description of him which embraces all that he really is, so that the name of God is is the disclosure of his nature and the expression of what he is
(2) So many descriptive names of God are needed because of the manifold aspects of his nature and the limitations of human comprehension
(3) God looks with special favor upon those who know his name (Psa. 91:14) and assists them in the pursuit of this knowledge (Jer. 24:7)

4. Observe the two aspects of “Hallowed be thy name”:
(1) Worship of the name of God. This gives God “the glory due unto his name,” Psa. 29:2, not only for what he does, but also for what he is. Even when this appears to be the very negation of his promises, the trusting child will keep his confidence in the integrity of his Father-God and continue “giving thanks at the remembrance of his name,” Psa. 97:12 (R.Y.)
(2) Praying for the sanctity of the name of God. This, however, does not mean that God’s holiness is subject to addition or that his sanctity is capable of improvement, but that the name of God will be held sacred, esteemed among men. The familiarity of love must not neglect the reverence due unto his name, Psa. 111:9

5. To what scene does the Lord’s Prayer proceed in 6:10? To a royal scene; namely, the kingdom, the king, and the subjects. Its keynote is prayer for the interests of the kingdom of God whose concern in this prayer is the sphere of his kingdom on earth