Guiding Principles

Posted By on Thursday, April 19, 2018

1. Point out the essence of the following passages:
(1) II Chron. 34:1-3 – A truly seeking heart will abandon its idolatries, i.e., those things which compete with God and relegate him into a secondary position
(2) Psa. 9:10 – Seeking God equates trust in God
(3) Psa. 63:1 – A* seeking heart gives God priority over other things, Prov. 8:17; Psa. 78:34
(4) Hosea 5:15c – There are those who will seek God only under the pressure of affliction
(5) Ex. 33:7 – Those, who really want to seek God will not permit inconveniences to stand in their way
(6) I Chron. 15:13 – The Lord must be sought in the due order of his ways, e.g., Zech. 7:1-7; Jas. 5:16; II Kings 5:1-14
(7) Isa. 58:2 – True seeking of God is not the mere formality of a religious procedure
(8) Jer. 3:10 – True seeking of God is not making a mere outward show without an inward change of heart, Isa. 29:13