God's Remedy For Rejection

Posted By on Friday, March 30, 2018

Quote from the book, "God's Remedy for Rejection."

At the end of "The Marriage Covenant," I suggest a prayer to be prayed by anyone longing to find his or her place among God’s people. I am including it here. If it expresses how you feel, read it through, and then put it in your own words. That way you can make it your prayer.

Heavenly Father,
I have been lonely and unfulfilled, and I acknowledge it. I long to “dwell in Your house” (Psalm 84:4), to be part of a spiritual family of committed believers. If there are any barriers in me, I ask You to remove them. Guide me to a group where this longing of mine can be fulfilled, and help me to make the needed commitment to them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

If you have sincerely prayed that prayer, I promise you that something is going to happen in your life. God is going to move. He will give you new direction and new associations. He will open new doors for you. He will bring you out of that parched land and cause you to be a member of a family and a part of His body.