God Desires Man

Posted By on Sunday, April 15, 2018

1. Note how God looks for man to seek him as seen in:
(1) Psa. 53:2-3 – God looks down from heaven to see if any understand God’s desire for man to seek him and give evidence of this seeking by acts of righteousness, Isa. 32:17; Acts 10:35
(2) Hosea 5:15 – God waits for man to acknowledge his offense and seek his face
(3) Amos 5:8 – God invites man to seek him and emphasizes his omnipotence as an incentive for man to respond to the invitation

2. What is apparent from:
(1) John 6:44? That man is dependent upon God to give him
a desire to seek God showing that:
a. Fallen man is by nature without any desire for God and has no ability to come to God without divine aid
b. Any desire for God necessarily originates in God and constitutes a divine assurance of its fulfillment if there is an adequate response by man
(2) Isa. 44:3? That there is a relationship between the extent of God’s response and the degree of man’s awareness of his need
(3) II Chron. 15:2? That God’s attitude toward man is determined by man’s attitude toward God
(4) Ecc. 2:1-11? That there is no satisfactory substitute for God
(5) Ezra 8:22? That failure to seek God is equivalent to forsaking God, I Chron. 28:9
(6) Jer. 2:19? That the consequences of forsaking God areboth evil and bitter
(7) Isa. 45:19? That God will not be sought in vain, for when he exhorts man to seek him he intends to let himself be found, Jer. 29:13-14