Forsaking God

Posted By on Wednesday, April 18, 2018

1. How is man seen to be forsaking God in I Sam. 8:8? By his works, i.e., by the things he does contrary to the laws and ways of God
2. Point out from the following scriptures how man forsakes God:
(1) Psa. 89:30 – By forsaking the law of God
(2) II Kings 10:31 – By failure to walk in the law of the Lord
(3) Isa. 5:24 – By casting away God’s law
(4) Amos 2:4 – By despising the law of the Lord
(5) Prov. 3:1 – By forgetting the law of the Lord
(6) Jer. 44:10 – By not fearing the law of God

3. Comment on II Chron. 16:12-13: Asa did not die simply because he sought to the physicians, but because he failed to repent for the sins which were the cause of his disease and refused to turn back to God whom he had forsaken