Divine Guidance-Part 8

Posted By on Wednesday, June 15, 2016

3. Enumerate the specific characteristics of the nature of the peace of God:(1) Negatively – It is not a mere absence of disturbance because of favorable circumstances(2) Positively – It is a conscious rest, independent of circumstances, favorable or unfavorable(3) Experimentally – It is a supernatural rest in the midst of unrest and therefore passes “all understanding,” Phil. 4:7(4) Positionally – It is the peace OF God, Phil. 4:7, for all those who have made peace WITH Gods Rom. 5:1(5) Judicially – The peace of God is to “rule,” (lit. “arbitrate”) in our hearts, Col. 3:15. That is to say, he is to act as an arbiter to settle the disputes in our course of action