Divine Guidance-Part 2

Posted By on Thursday, June 09, 2016

4. Wherein do we see the need for divine guidance in the light of:(1) Jer. 10:23? In the inability of man to direct himself in the ways of God(2) Psa. 32:8? In the provision of God as the guide to direct in his way(3) Psa. 32-8? In the divine promise of his willingness to guide us(4) Psa. 32:8? In the provision of effective means of guidance(5) Psa. 106:13? In God’s complaint because of man’s failure to wait for his counsel(6) Psa. 106:13-15? In the results of the failure to wait for the counsel of the Lord, Joshua 9:3-16(7) Deut. 28:65-68? In the possible symptoms (not necessarily proofs as there may be other causative factors) of being out of the will of God, namely, uneasiness, restlessness, grieve of mind, uncertainty, fearfulness, lack of assurance, discontent, and spiritual bondage