Divine Guidance-Part 17

Posted By on Friday, June 24, 2016

3. Concerning the recognition of the voice of the Lord, what do the following show:(1) 1 Sam. 3:1-7? The recognition of the voice of the Lord needs to be learned through experience and divine aid(2) John 10:4? Its spontaneous recognition (which should be the norm) is cultivated by daily contact with him and obedience to him(3) John 10:4-5? The recognition of a voice other than his is best obtained by knowing his. The counterfeit is best recognized by a knowledge of the genuine

4. Give the basic essence of John 21:18-19(1) That there is a great difference between spiritual immaturity and maturity(2) That a mark of spiritual maturity is a consciousness of one’s helplessness and need for dependence upon God(3) That there should come a time in our growth when the initiative of our lives passes from us to Him(4) That this transfer of initiative involves the negation of personal choice consummated in a personal cross(5) That the object of this cross is the glory of God—and with it the ultimate object of all guidance

5. Note the implication of Psa. 23:1: That only the fully guided life is a truly contented life