Divine Guidance-Part 15

Posted By on Wednesday, June 22, 2016

7. What may be said of Gideon’s fleece relative to divine guidance as seen in:(1) Judges 6:11-16? Gideon knew the will of God, therefore the fleece was not for divine guidance(2) Judges 6:15, 17, 36-40? Gideon wanted a sign because of fear and unbelief(3) Judges 6:37-40? The sign which Gideon asked involved supernatural intervention,(4) Judges 6:39-40? Gideon knew he incurred the risk of divine displeasure. The fleece, therefore, was not a divinely ordained means of guidance, but an accommodation to the weakness of man


1. What do the following passages suggest:(1) 1 Sam. 10:7? That we ought first to attend to opportunities at hand(2) Isa. 30:21? That walking in obedience reduces the necessity for special guidance(3) Acts 8:26-29? All the necessary guidance is not always given at once(4) Acts 9:1-7? The farther we are away from God, the louder he might have to speak(5) Num. 12:5-10? Hearing the audible voice of God is not necessarily a compliment,although it was in Ex. 33:11; 19:19(6) 1 Kings 13:11-26? Personal responsibility for guidance received(7) Acts 8:29-30? Accomplishment of God’s purpose may depend upon instantaneous, unquestioning obedience(8) Num. 12:6-8? That our personal relationship to God is a factor as to whether God speaks more indirectly or directly(9) Jer. 43:1-13? It is possible to be personally in the will of God, though out of the will of God as a group(10) Gen. 33:13? The enemy, by overdriving us in the direction of the will of God can thus accomplish his nefarious purpose(11) Gen. 33:13-14? As Jacob was considerate of his flock, so God takes into consideration our state of development and leads according to the “foot of the children,” (lit.)