Divine Guidance-Part 14

Posted By on Tuesday, June 21, 2016

5. Give the purpose of signs in:(1) Ex. 4:1-9? To generate faith(2) Acts 2:22? To evidence divine approbation(3) Acts 2:19-21? To warn of judgment(4) Heb. 2:4? To witness to the truth

6. What do we learn concerning signs from:(1) Ex. 4:8? That they have meaning and speak(2) Luke 12:54-56? That insincerity may prevent the reading of a sign(3) Luke 2:34? That hostility may prevent the reading of a sign(4) Matt. 7:21-23? That signs alone do not necessarily indicate divine approbation(5) Matt. 12:38-40? That the desire for a sign arises from an evil heart of unbelief(6) John 20:24-29? That it is better to believe without a sign than because of it