Divine Guidance-Part 12

Posted By on Sunday, June 19, 2016

E. OTHER MEANS OF GUIDANCE1. Give examples of guidance by personal integrity as seen in:(1) 2 Sam. 24:24 – David’s integrity ‘guided’ him not to give God an unrighteous offering(2) Gen. 14:21-24 – Abram’s integrity ‘guided’ him to refuse the unwise acceptance of a gift(3) Ruth 3:11-13 – By his integrity Boaz was ‘guided’ to respect the rights of someone else(4) Gen. 39:7-10 – By his integrity Joseph was ‘guided’ to refuse an improper offer

2. The use of angels for guidance included what according to:(1) Acts 27:21-24? To bring a message to a servant of God in a crisis(2) Acts 5:17-23? To bring deliverance from prison of a servant of God(3) Luke 1:5-19? To announce an important event at the time of incense(4) 1 Kings 19:1-8? To strengthen a discouraged servant for a lengthy journey