Divine Function-Part 3

Posted By on Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Independent operations in members of the body of Christ are no more in place than they would be in the natural body. But when united to Christ, they operate together in love, grace, and the power of the Spirit, for the good of all.

A child, when born into this world, is ignorant, helpless, and mentally inactive; so also, one born into the Church of Christ is a mere babe in spirituals. Therefore, the need for care and training is very great. So the Church should be a nursery of tender care.

In the supernatural realm, Christ is the Head, and without direction from Him, the members do not act. However, the professed Church often seeks useless remedies, neglecting and forgetting Christ, her true Head. Therefore, she falls short of the divine intention.

“For it is under His direction that the whole body is perfectly adjusted and united by every joint that furnishes its supplies; And by the proper functioning of each particular part, there is brought about the growing of the body for its building up in love.” Ephesians 4:16 Williams Translation

The Church is to set forth and discover to the world the glorious things which God would do for man. The Church is God’s repository, the storehouse of His heavenly treasure. To show to a fallen and wandering race the love of a heavenly Father, is the high office of the Church.

At this present time, there is a mighty call coming forth to the people of God to return to Christ, the true Head; with each member of His body functioning in his appointed place.