Divine Function-Part 2

Posted By on Tuesday, July 05, 2016

When Adam was created, God made him to be entirely under the control of His Spirit. This was his normal state. He was as at home in the Spirit, as a fish is at home in the sea. The full intention in the atonement is to restore man to this state of being, with additional blessings of higher privilege.

However, the denseness of man, along with the wiles of Satan, have hindered the plan of God. Since man in his redemptive, but spiritually immature state, is incapable of sustaining a life of fullness in the Holy Spirit’s power, the Lord devised the plan of gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are parts of Spirit activities divided to different individuals.

This baptized, gifted body, brought into one accord through the operation of the Holy Spirit, is the body of Christ, the Church.

The Word is “Spirit and life.” As in the creation (Genesis 1:2), when the Spirit brooded over the unformed and void conditions, so the Holy Spirit, proceeding from Jesus Christ, hovers over the people of God, bringing them into divine order.

Our birth into this world ushers us into the beginnings of a state of sense-relationship to earth environment. In the natural state, the intellect, reasoning, and will-power, directs and controls the activities of each member. Without direction from the head, the members are unable to act.