Divine Function

Posted By on Monday, July 04, 2016

The foundation of the Church is the living Lord Jesus Christ.

In its truest sense, the Church is a discoverable Body which functions and operates by the power of God. The source of all activity in the Church is the power of God, manifested through the movement of the Holy Spirit within its members.

The Church is the Lord’s workshop, the place of His operation. No other body, except one functioning in the Spirit, can properly be called the Church.

Aaron had a rod that budded. Naturally, it was but a dead stick. But the supernatural touch of God caused it to manifest life. Spiritually, man is but a dead stick, but the touch of Jesus Christ causes life to be manifest.

Jesus, as the center magnet, draws everything spiritual to Himself. The more spiritual one is, the more will his heart burn with love for Jesus and for his brethren, and be drawn together with them, as His body in the earth.

Doctrinal differences always arise from man’s judgment, and not from the Spirit of God; for God is love, and there is an attraction in Jesus Christ which draws men together. The closer one is drawn to Jesus, the greater the attraction toward Him. Therefore, if the Lord’s children will draw closer to Jesus, they must of necessity be closer to each other.